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Take Your Cat to the Vet Week Aug 16-22

August 3, 2010

Only ½ of Cat Owners Know When to See the Vet

According to a 2009 Feline Pine National Study, 50% of cat owners don’t know that their pets need to see the vet at least once a year just like dogs do. Are you one of them?

It appears that many cats may not be getting the care they need to stay healthy and well. Saddest of all is that loving cat owners don’t even know the signs of illness and pain to watch for in their pets.

Do you know these feline signs of pain and illness?

The #1 sign that cats show when they don’t feel well is withdrawal – They hide under the bed or in the closet and sleep more. Another serious sign is when cats have accidents outside the litter box or the opposite, when cats seem to strain to go. Anytime you see signs like these or notice that your cat just “doesn’t seem like himself/herself” make tracks to your vet! You could spare your pet pain or catch a disease at an early stage when it is the easiest (and usually cheapest) to treat.

Of course, the best plan is to take kitty in once a year, if he/she is under 10 and twice of year if he/she is 10 years old or older.  What better time than, “Take Your Cat to the Vet Week” Aug 16-22, 2010?

There’s more excellent and helpful information on cat care on these websites:

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